Lakai Sandpine


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There are only two rooms on the floor for your privacy. The front of the room faces the East sea and the back of the room faces Gyeong-po lake and Daegwallyeong. You can feel special care, even small items in the room.
Room Info
Extent Capacity Details No. of Units
  • 204㎡
6 2 Double • 1 Floor Bedroom • 3 Bathrooms • Kitchen • Living Room 70
Kitchen supplies Bowls, Spoons, Chopsticks, plates, Small Plates, Pots, Frying pan, Water glasses, Coffee cups, Ladle, Teaspoons, Dessert Forks, Knives, Paring Knife, Shears, Cutting Board, Serving Tray, Cork Screw
Appliances TV, Refrigerator, Induction range, Microwave, Electric rice cooker, electric kettle, Phone, Hair dryer
Bedding Comforters, Korean-style mattress, Pillows
Bathroom supplies Soap, Hand towels, Mat towels, Bath towels
Others Drying rack, Hangers, etc.
Room Info
Check In Check Out Reservation Info
PM 02:00 ~ ~ AM 11:00 +82-1644-3001(1)